Why Should I Hesitate

2020 • 11 minutes

A collaboration between Cape Town City Ballet, The Norval Foundation and William Kentridge. Filmed at The Norval Foundation in Cape Town during Covid-19 National Lockdown, June 2020, and abiding by all prescribed regulations and safety measures. Featuring the work of choreographers from the Cape Town City Ballet Chorealab Initiative, a program to encourage, nurture and mentor young talent and supported by The City of Cape Town

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I do wander everywhere

2020 • 4 minutes

Set in the Norval Sculpture Garden and with the dancers of Cape Town City Ballet, ‘I do wander everywhere’ celebrates the importance of imagination and collaboration. Framed by the sculpture garden artists and Gabrielle Kruger’s wearable paintings, a mythical garden is brought to life proving that magic happens when the arts come together.

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